• SUM2136
    Source LED driver
    Higher grayscale depth at lower brightness and true color,excellent color restoration
    Wide brightness range application
    Constant current output accuracy
    Smart low power application——2 Grades programmable knee voltage
    Detect and report LED open error——Built-in silent LED open error detection
    Elimination”cross line”and”Caterpillar”——Built-in LED open/short Protection
    Good EMC——GCLK multiplier
    Excellent output current accuracy:
    VDS(V) -0.45V -0.25V
    Pin to Pin(±) 2.5% 3.5%
    Chip to Chip(±) 2.5% 3.5%

    16-channel constant current source output  
    16Ksram,1~32 scanning(SUM2036);8Ksram,1~16 scanning(SUM2136)  
    16~10-bit color depth  
    Programmable knee voltage(-0.25/-0.45V)  
    Silent LED open Error Detection  
    LED open/short circuit protection  
    Maximum data clock:30MHz  
    Eliminate Ghost  
    3V~5.5V Supply Voltage,Schmitt trigger input  
    Staggered delay of output  
    FM-PWM/GCLK multiplier,16 times(Max.)  
    6-bit fine&liner stage(1.2%)global current gain
    Constant current output range(Low Knee):
    VDS VDD=5V VDD=3.3V
    -450mV 0.4~16mA 0.4~10mA
    -250mV 0.4~8mA 0.4~5mA
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