• SUM2017T
    SUM2017 Upgrade,Eliminate Ghost
    Excellent low-grayscale performance and color temperature
    Excellent output current accuracy——Bit to Bit/Chip to Chip:±2.5%(Max.)
    Change grayscale and/or Brightness adjustment maintain CT——32 gain small and liner stage(2.5%)
    Smart low power application,4 grades programmable knee voltage
    High refresh,High grayscale——Built-in Eliminate Ghost,16bits grayscale
    Avoid LED reversed breakdown
    Lowr EMI
    16-Channel constant current output,constant current output range:
    Vout 5V 3.3V
    450mV 1.0~30mA 1.0~20mA
    350mV 0.4~18mA 0.4~12mA
    250mV 0.5~15mA 0.5~10mA
    150mV 0.4~6mA 0.4~4mA

    Excellent output current accuracy:
    VDS(V) 0.45 0.35 0.25 0.15
    Pin to Pin(±) 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4.5%
    Chip to Chip(±) 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4.5%

    Fast reponse OE(min):30ns
    4 Group staggered delay output
    Maximum data clock frequency:30MHz
    Programmable knee voltage(0.15V/0.25V/0.35V/0.45V)
    Schimitt trigger input
    Supply Voltage:3V~5.5V
    Eliminate Ghost
    32 gain fine and liner(2.5%)global current gain  
    Full color LED displays for indoor and outdoor
    Traffic-indication screen
    Small pitch LED/LED TV
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