• SUM2016
    Fast Response of output current and stability mechanism,Lower
    EMI System PWM,16 bits grayscale,High refresh rate and excellent grayscale
    Excellent low-grayscale performance,good uniformity
    30nS OE
    Lower Power dissipation on LED display,Energy saving up to 35%
    1.5mA~45mA(5V)high accuracy constant current output
    Avoid LED failure due to reversed voltage control
    16-Channel constant current output, constant current output range:      
    5V Supply Voltage:1.5mA~45mA      
    3.3V Supply Voltage:1.5mA~30mA
    Excellent constant current output:      
    IOUT(mA)      VOUT(V)(Min.)      
    ≤7                     0.45      
    ≤18                    0.55      
    ≤45                   0.65
    Excellent output current accuracy:      
    Bit to Bit:≤±2.5%(Max.)      
    Chip to Chip:≤±4.0%(Max.)
    Fast reponse of output current,OE(min):30ns
    Smart output control,lower EMI
    Maximum data clock frequency:30MHz
    Schimitt trigger input
    Supply Voltage:3V~5.5V
    Full color LED displays for indoor and outdoor
    Traffic-indication screen
    Information displays
    Sighboard and decorated lighting
    LCD backlighting
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